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Butts Giraud: Professional Wrestling

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Wrestling Poster

Butts Giraud: Wrestling Heritage

Wrestling Heritage Website (UK)

Wrestling in Iraq Butts Giraud featured in a wrestling poster from Iraq.
Tally Ho Best bout was in 1944

Lord Blears' wrestling story

Sandor Kovacs Sandor Kovacs: A major figure in the 1960s and 1970s.
Butts Giraud, professional wrestlint

Butts Giraud vs Wayne Bridges. Victoria Baths, Nottingham, England.

Wrestling at Royal Albert Hall

Butts Giraud vs Steve Viedor at The World’s Premier Wrestling Promotion. The Royal Albert Hall. London.

Wrestling poster

Poster for Butts Giraud vs Steve Viedor at The Royal Albert Hall, London.

Wrestler: Butts Giraud

NWA Pro wrestler Butts Giraud,
6’1” 248 pounds

Wrestling renunion

Wrestling Reunion:
World Wrestling Champion. Gene Kiniski, promotor, Sandor Kovacs, Butts Giraud, Don Leo Jonathan, Betty Kovacs, Jack Bence, and referees, Jack and Roy McClarty.

To Tell the Truth

Host Gary Moore from To Tell The Truth TV show, with Butts Giraud, New York.