The Dog's Ear T-Shirt and Embroidery Co  

President's Message

The Dog's Ear T-shirt and Embroidery Company is proud to announce its first 60 second video produced and directed by Art and Martyn Smith of Smart Productions. This new and exciting technology is now on our Web site. As founder of the the Dog's Ear franchise chain, I am very excited about the future of our new web site, as we will try very hard to keep you up to date, with the latest information on fashion and trends in the imprinted sportswear industry.

Our retail stores have taken on many new changes over our thirty year history. In fact, our store design has changed eight times, and our merchandise now includes photo decal capabilities, in store embroidery services, "while you wait," and custom silk- screening. It was just five years ago that we introduced our first embroidery machine to our Kelowna store, now all eight stores carry this service, with some of our franchises having multi head machines, to meet our ever growing demand for better and faster service.

Next year we will be celebrating our 30th Anniversary and during this period of time, we will be looking forward to servicing all our loyal customers, and giving you the best, the Dog's Ear T-shirt Company has to offer. I know sometimes we may fall short of the mark, but all of us at The Dog's Ear family recognize that without you, as our loyal customers, we wouldn't be the success we are today.

Each and everyone of us appreciates you as our valued customers. It is our mandate, to try even harder in the years to come, to give you the best prices, great merchandise, and top quality service, and equally as important, a friendly smile and hello, every time you visit a Dog's Ear store

Thank you for your continued support.

Butts Giraud
The Dog's Ear T-shirt Co

Butts Giraud: Founder and president of the Dog's Ear