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I recently had the pleasure of dealing with one of your staff members.

In this day and age, I find sales staff to be a bit on the rude side; they barely just grunt at me when I enter a store. They don't bother to approach me and seem to only want to play on their phones. What a great surprise to enter your store and to be greeted by a very polite salesman. He had dropped what he was doing when I came in, he politely greeted me, and showed honest interest in what I wanted. It was such a nice experience. I came home with a big smile and told everyone that would listen about the service. One friend went right back to see if I really was yelling the truth about my experience, because I couldn't stop raving about it. Yes, he ended up buying a shirt too.

I am afraid I did not catch the fellow's name that served me. I would imagine he is a full-time employee as he was there every time I went in. He was incredibly polite, and educated me on the different materials and prices, without acting arrogant. He made me feel important really.

One of the items that I had requested needed to be ordered in. A few days later I got a call saying that the hat was back ordered and might take a while to get here. He apologized profusely, and said it could take a really long time. There really was no need to say he was sorry as it wasn't his fault. Not many sales people go to the bother. He also had gone to the trouble to bring in another type of hat, and asked me if I might be interested in it now, instead of waiting. I went to the store and the fellow said that he was pretty sure that I would be happy with his choice, but by no means was I obligated to buy it. He was right. I was very happy.

This young fellow just kept surprising me with his service. He went above and beyond the call of duty to serve me. I really could go on and on about all the other little things that he did, or said, but I think you get the point. He was an exceptional employee, and really needs a pat on the back for a job well done. Please do that for me.

Tara Martin


I just wanted to give a small business in my community a well deserved pat on the back!

I recently had the occasion to have two orders filled. I was so impressed with the pleasant detailed explanation, artful insight and product knowledge plus the caring way in which both Mark and Chris handled my order. The work is exceptional and value priced. I am so pleased with the results, but also pleased to have been dealing with two people who really know how to run a small business and appreciate the customers. This is something that is going by the wayside in out business world today. I wish them continued success and I will for sure be recommending them to all.

Thank You
Wendy Eastgaard

Good day Mr Giraud,

My name is Jordan and I am the person who spoke to you on Friday, desperate to get my order for the weekend after the store had already closed.

I did manage to get my order that night thanks to you and the crew down here in Victoria. After speaking to you I called Mark's number. He was already away on vacation but his wife was extremely helpful and sympathetic to my problem. She called Chris who came down to the store well after close to get my order for me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the efforts of yourself and your associates on my by behalf. Every person I spoke to, yourself included, seemed truly concerned for the satisfaction of the customer (me in this case), and for that you should be commended in the highest degree.

The t-shirts for our stag event were a big hit. I will be a repeat customer, of that you can be sure!

Please pass on my appreciation to Chris and all concerned. You should be thoroughly proud of your business and your associates.

Thanks again!

One happy customer,
Vicoria, B.C.

Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to thank you again for your very professional service.

I called your office long distance to inquire about a product. You replied very quickly, listened to what I was asking for, and provided options for me. Then you went the extra mile, and personally delivered your product to a specific convenient location that was agreed upon, and also delivered the exact product that was ordered.

Customer service in our business is first and foremost, and you have definitely exceeded my expectations, and the end result once my wife saw my daughter and I wearing these T-shirts at the finish line of her marathon was overwhelming. You personally made this event memorable for us all.

Oftentimes we think we are just doing our job, and don't get the credit we deserve, so I just really wanted to thank you again for your amazing service.

If I ever saw your name on a job application, I would not hesitate to hire you!

Very best regards,
Dale S. Henderson
Branch Manager
Cortes Island Community Branch
Coastal Community Credit Union