The Dog's Ear T-Shirt and Embroidery Co  

Franchising Information

The Dog’s Ear T-shirt and Embroidery Company have a progressive franchise program, with the emphasis given to a continuing Franchisor/ Franchisee relationship.

In joining the Dog’s Ear family of stores, you are enlisting a team of specialists to help you establish and operate an efficient retail business of your own.

The Dog’s Ear organization is your partner in progress with all the talent and professional knowhow of our executive team at your disposal on a continuing basis. Assistance from a Dog’s Ear representative and franchisees is as close as your telephone.

The owner of the Dog’s Ear chain of store believes in entrepreneurship. His philosophy is to let each individual owner of a store run the day-to-day business, with little or no interference from head office.

In years past, the Dog’s Ear head office required an owner to attend monthly meetings, but in today’s style of business it has become a hardship for most owners to break away from their busy family and business endeavors.

The Dog’s Ear has also become very selective in opening new stores due to the economic hardships of our country. With soaring rents and operational costs, the Dog’s Ear over the past five years has chosen to leave the high priced mall locations for more reasonable strip centre and street locations.

Expansion is always on our mind, but it has to be the right situation. Money today is hard to come by and that’s why more stores are not always better. We want all our store owners to be happy and prosperous. We will not expand our stores for expansion sake only. It must make financial sense to both parties before we make a decision.

Because most of our stores are in off-mall locations, our business has somewhat changed. Our new focus in most of our new stores has been geared to Custom Club, Team and Corporate Wear, but still doing what we’ve always done best. Offering our customers a range of imprinted Sportswear, in all colours and sizes. “No order is to Big or Small.” If you just want one shirt….That’s OK with us!

We are also interested in similar stores already open under a different name. If you would like to change your store to a Dog’s Ear franchise, providing it does not conflict with our present franchised locations, we would be more than happy to entertain your business proposal

Financing plans are available.

Current Franchise Opportunities

The Dog's Ear T-shirt and Embroidery Co. currently has these franchise opportunities available:

  • Gibsons

Are you ready to be an owner/operator of your own business? Do you want to be part of a solid franchise organization? With almost 40 years of retail experience, The Dog's Ear offers a progressive, supportive and a successful franchising system that is tops in today's imprinted sportswear industry.

Give us a call. We'll be very happy to answer any of your important questions about investing in a Dog's Ear franchise.

For further information, please contact:

Butts Giraud, President
524 West View Place
Nanaimo, B.C. Canada V9V 1B3
Phone: 250.756.4433