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Butts Giraud: Fishing Enthusiast

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Halibut landed on Vancouver Island

Big Fish Caught!
Butts Giraud, Dog's Ear T-shirt Co. President, and son Scott Horne, Western Washington University football player.

Story By: J.A. Smith

Butts Giraud catches salmon

Butts Giraud
45lb.Chinook Salmon

Islands West, Ucluelet

Butts Giraud, Scott Horne, (son)
Tim and (dad), Al Fox
with 105 lb. Halibut

Fishing, Ucluelet

Steve Fera
(Fisherman extraordinaire)
off Ucluelet, Aug 2003.
30 lb. Spring Salmon.

Fox with fish

Fishing partner Tim Fox with a 33lb spring salmon, July 2003

Byron's Halibut

Byron Giraud with a 56lb halibut caught in 2002, near Ucluelet, BC

fishing trip

John McKenzie, Allan and Tim Fox fishing out of Island West Fishing Resort, Ucluelet

Schooner Cove

Butts and Daryle Vegge from Iowa, fishing at Schooner Cove