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Family and Friends of the Dog's Ear

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The Giraud brothers: John, Byron and Butts.

Butts Giraud, Robin Dyke, John McKenzie and Tommy Thompson at Keri McKenzie's ( Robert's) wedding in Whistler.

Butts and Peggy Giraud

Daughters Sarah and Amy with Peggy's Dad Jim, sitting with the kids Charlie and Dexter

Daughter Nancy and baby Dexter

Butts and Maia

Charlie and Grandpa Butts with new cousin Maia

Sarah and new grandson Dexter sizing up big fish; neighbour Norm Rhodes in the background.

Daughter, Dana, and son-in-law Donald, and Donovan Reed

Dana, captain of the Washington State Womens Varsity Crew 1997

Daughter Lindsay and son-in-law Geoff Loomer

Son, Scott Horne, Iowa State Football.

Nephew Gordon Buck at University of Victoria Law School

Butts and Joyce Vegge visit Tofino. Joyce is secretary to Dan McCarney, head coach. Iowa state football

Charlie and cousin Donovan from Iowa

Butts with grandson Donovan

Donovan and Maia

Winnie, Butts Giraud's partner, makes sure work is up to date