The Dog's Ear T-Shirt and Embroidery Co  

Dog's Ear Gallery

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Mark and Chris Lawrence

Mark and Chris Lawrence:
Franchise holders at the Nanaimo store, Woodgrive Centre.

Ebroidered Sportswear

P.D. Jogia, co-owner of the Dog's Ear, Richmond Centre, busy working at the in-store embroidery center.

Richmond sportswear

The Dog's Ear at Richmond Centre:
Co-owner P.D. Jogia and staff members, Corazon and Tiki.

Langley Sportswear

Sadip Desai, owner, at the Dog's Ear store in Willowbrook Mall, Langley, BC

Butts Giraud, Dog's Ear owner, and Gavin Lake, football coach St. Mary's University, during a visit to Richmond store.

Computerized embroidery

Football coach Gavin Lake, demonstrates his computer skills at the Dog's Ear in Richmond Center.

Cheryl at the Dog's Ear, Guildford Town Centre, Surrey, BC.

The Dog's Ear at the Guildford Town Center, Surrey, BC.

T-shirts, British Columbia

Jeanie McKenzie, Franchise Coordinator, PD Jogia, and Cheryl of the Dog's Ear stores.

Russel Athletic Sportswear

From left: Jaye (Russell Athletic), Cheryl, Jeanie (Franchise Coordinator) and P.D. Jogia. Jaye is showing The Dog's Ear owners their new fall line.

Mark and Susan Beaty with their kids, Craig and Laura. Susan was The Dog's Ear franchise co-ordinator in Seattle in the 1980s.

Graig and Laura Beaty, Seattle, WA.

John and Nancy Hurley and family. Nancy helped Butts open the first Dog's Ear Store at South Center Mall in Seattle.