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The World Bellyflop
and Cannonball Diving Championships

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Butts Giraud: World Championship Dive

Butts Giraud performs his World Championship Dive off a thirty foot platform on fire.
Special effects by John Thomas and Tom Fisher

Bellyflop and Cannonball Diving

Butts Giraud and Hunter Calder promoting The Word Championship Bellyflop & Cannonball Diving Championships In Sydney Australia.

Bellyflop and Cannonball Diving

Butts Giraud, World Bellyflop & Cannonball Champion: 1975, 1976, 1978 and 1980. Founder of the Dog’s Ear in 1974.
Photo by Joe Lederer

Butts Giraud and Billy Carter

World Champion Butts Giraud and the famous Billy Carter, brother Of US President, Jimmy Carter, meet at poolside at the Delta Airport Inn.